Our Mission

 Our mission is to present to our customers what practically benefits them according to cognizant and professional basis in spite of their actual needs by which guarantees them constant improvement of:
* Adequacy and efficiency of the performance
* Decision making rationalization
* Resource allocation rationalization



Decision Center Consults is a Saudi consulting firm working in the fields of management, financial and economic studies and research according to scientific and professional principals compatible to our community's cultures and privacy. Our center's intelligence and performance is characterized with high degree of professionalism in its work, and helping our customers to make a balance between comprehensiveness and perfection and focusing on their actual needs.

We depend on deep and long experiences of our employees, and bring together various practical and academic experiences of different administrative, economic and financial research specialties and studies from individual cooperative experts or other sources, thus, to enrich our services and promote the quality of our business and our productive capabilities to meet our customers' needs.

We make sure to deliver our services in high administrative and economic competence, besides cognizant and professional quality; and that’s why we work closely and in constant deliberation with our customers to accurately specify their needs that they can practically benefit from.


Our  Vision

We are always seeking to be a land mark professional center that offers scientific realistic cost effective total solutions.

Our Strategic Directions

1. Efficient contribution to managerial and economic development.
2. Development and application of studies, experiments and programs that suit our local environment.
3. Use the latest systems, and applied research techniques.
4. Resorting to sources of renovated creativity in the field.
5. Transmission and assimilation of applied science and modern technology and adapt it accordingly to our customers needs.

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